Intellectual Property

2XSR™ products such as the Sand Training Bag and devices are trademarked, patented, patent pending. You agree not to modify, copy, translate, perform, distribute, frame, reproduce, republish 2XSR™ products.
Any infringement will be prosecuted immediately.
If you suspect anyone that may infringe 2XSR™, please contact us.
Our board of advisors are US and Canada attorneys that handles all patent infringement. 



Are you interested in reselling 2XSR with or without your logo? We are now collaborating with selected companies to either license our trademark and/or patents. 

If you are interested, please email: with:

1. Corporation name

2. Owners and all board members 

3. Any products that are currently sold 

4. Which 2XSR product you are interested in

5. Contact information


Companies and/or individuals invested in bulk order / wholesale, please email for a significant discount. 


US Government Contracts


SAM: 204068506

Canadian Government Contracts 

BN: 744218736PG0001