2XSR Team

Paul Bassoo is the mind and creator behind 2XSR. He is a certified strength and conditioning, and speed and agility coach that has worked with professional teams, national teams and professional players of all sports. Also, he is a former baseball college student athlete and has played in professional baseball overseas.

This passion project was developed after working with hundreds of both amateur and professional athletes in five countries

“I realized there’s a gap in the fitness industry so I designed a military grade sand training bag and accessories which can be used as a slam bag, pull sled via upper body harness, with adjustable sand fillers to be used as free weights, and a duffle bag. Studying products for over two years, I wanted to come out with reliable, multi-functional, durable products.

Our experienced team includes General Counsel handling our intellectual property, 2XSR trainers, ambassadors, logistics and quality control in Canada and the United States. 

Everyday we grow as a team, providing the top quality products and customer service.  


The idea

Initial concept was born. We wanted one product to work on speed, strength training and recovery.

2XSR is the abbreviation of Speed, Strength and Recovery.

First prototype

Sand bag, sled, duffle bag and sand pit

We patented the first sandbag that transitions to a sand pit for sand training exercises. The idea was great however we faced many hurdles so we stepped away from the sand pit feature



The Canadian military, NCAA school(s) and MLB individuals have purchased 2XSR


Camp Pendleton

2XSR invitation to Camp Pendleton to prep the US Marines


Training Vest

Launched a weighted vest with four compartments for weights, a separate compartment for a removable hydration pack and a life jacket. The start of R&D for the Sandbag V2

New upgraded product line

Sandbag V2 & Components

2XSR new signature product, the Sandbag V2 for slammed, throwing, dragging and now a rucksack with a removable hydration pack. In addition we added a 60LBS Drag Bag to either use as a weight for the Sandbag V2 or to use individually.