Intellectual Property

2XSR™ products such as the Sand Training Bag and devices are trademarked, patented, patent pending. You agree not to modify, copy, translate, perform, distribute, frame, reproduce, republish 2XSR™ products.
Any infringement will be prosecuted immediately.
If you suspect anyone that may infringe 2XSR™, please contact us.
Our board of advisors are US and Canada attorneys that handles all patent infringement. 



US 10,561,886

US 11,318,345

Patent Pending / Publication 

US 16,884,014 - CA 3,059,150 - AU 2020380602 - US 17,717,066 - CA 3,154,897 US 17,722,476 - China 202080077037.8 - Vietnam 1-2022-03518

CA 62,869,476 - US 16,852,880 - US 63,129,481 - CA 304,851,0A1


2XSR Speed Strength Recovery

US 6302032 - CA 1975346


US 88777888 - CA 2151904


Are you interested in reselling 2XSR with or without your logo? We are now collaborating with selected companies to either license our trademark and/or patents. 

If you are interested, please email: with:

1. Corporation name

2. Owners and all board members 

3. Any products that are currently sold 

4. Which 2XSR product you are interested in

5. Contact information


Companies and/or individuals invested in bulk order / wholesale, please email for a significant discount. 


US Government Contracts


SAM: 204068506

Canadian Government Contracts 

BN: 744218736PG0001