How much can the Sand Training Bag hold?

Up to 150LBS to be slammed, thrown and dragged.

Can I drag the sand bag on any surface?

No. You can only drag the Sand Training Bag on dirt, grass, turf, track and smooth surfaces. Please avoid concrete. Click the link for full details on warranty: https://www.2xsr.com/pages/warranty

What side of the Sand Training Bag can I slam, throw and drag?

The rear rubber surface.

What are the straps inside for?

To hold the sand fillers in place. For example, if you would like to focus on compound workouts or using the Sand Training Bag as a sled, it is recommended to attach all three straps to each sand filler to prevent movement. If you would like to work on stability workouts, you have the option to allow the sand fillers to move freely.

What are the 3 loops on each side for?

For two purposes. 1. Connecting strap: Attach all three hooks onto the three loops on either side of the Sand Training Bag to be used as a sled which prevents swivel and raising. 2. Shoulder strap: Hook the two hooks onto the top two loops on each side to be used as a duffle bag.

Is sand included?

We do not offer sand. We want you to save you from insanely shipping fees. You can purchase sand at your local hardware store such as Home Depot. Play Sand from your local hardware store is recommended. Play Sand usually retails for $7CAD for 20KG.

What type of sand can I put in the sand fillers?

Beach sand or any sand without sharp objects. Pea Gravel is acceptable as well. However, please make sure to remove any sharp gravel. Our warranty does not cover damage to the sand fillers due to sharp objects. Please read the full warranty coverage here: https://www.2xsr.com/pages/warranty

How do I know how much each sand filler holds?

Large Sand Filler: Play Sand: Simply fill the sand filler all the way up for 20 LBS. Pea Gravel: Mix in with Play Sand and fill to the top for 25LBS Small: Play Sand: Simply fill the sand filler all the way up for 10 LBS. Pea Gravel: Mix in with Play Sand and fill to the top for 15LBS Please make sure to fully double fold each sand filler.

How much can the harness pull?

Up to 30,000 LBS. We had the military and tactical units use our harness and connecting strap to pull their trucks without any damage.

What are the side loops for?

For lateral movements with or without the Sand Training Bag. Please visit https://www.2xsr.com/pages/workout-guide for your full workout guidelines.

What is the sling used for?

The main purpose for the sling is to be used as a resistance cord when a partner is wearing the harness for speed and agility exercises. Also, the sling can be used as a resistance band. https://www.2xsr.com/products/sling

Is shipping included?

At check out, you will be able to see the shipping rates. Every so often, we will waive shipping for special events and holidays. Subscribe to our email list to find out full details.

How long does 2XSR take to ship?

You will receive a tracking number within 2-3 days. Shipments in Canada usually takes 7-10 business days and the United States 5-10 business days. Please expect some delays due to Covid-19.

Is there express delivery available?

Yes. There is an option at check out.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. However, shipping is not included outside of North America (excluding Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska).

Are import and duty fees included?

Yes, only in North America.

Do bulk orders receive a discount?

Yes, please contact us for a customized quote.

Do you have an ambassador program?

Yes. However, we reach out to individuals that have used 2XSR. If you think you are a right candidate, please email us at info@2xsr.com

Is there a military discount available?

At this present time, no. Our entire store is on sale. We hope to have discounts available for first responders in the near future.

Can I be featured on your page social media platform?

Yes! Please be creative with your usage of 2XSR and landscape mode with good quality lighting and send the media to info@2xsr.com

Do you cross promote other products / brands?

We are very selective. Please email info@2xsr.com for your inquiries.

Is 2XSR sold in stores or other platforms?

Currently, no.

Can I fill up the Sand Training Bag with sand?

No. Sand fillers are required. We made adjustable sand fillers to be used as dumbbells. To add weight, throw in a sand filler. To decrease weight, remove a sand filler. Other sandbags on the market requires multiple sizes. We solved that problem!