Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo
Slam Bag Combo

Slam Bag Combo

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One Adjustable Slam Bag Combo replaces dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and more! 

Instead of filling up standard sized sand bags with limited functions, we designed the Slam Bag to comprise of 4 mini sand bags for the internal weight. 

Simply remove the sand fillers to increase or decrease the weight. Additionally, the bottom of the Sand Training Bag is reinforced with two military grade adjustable flaps to tighten or loosen the size. 
The Sand Training Bag comprises of 24 x-box Nylon stitched with an additional 2 rivets on each handle.
The 3 loops on each side comprises of a total of 6 x-box Nylon stitched with an additional rivet to prevent twisting and raising during use.
On the interior, built-in reinforcement sand filler straps to lock in any added sand filler, creating a stabilizing structure when cinched down.

Combo Includes:
  • 12 foam handles for training all muscle groups 
  • Reinforced Nylon thread along with two rivets on each handle ensuring 150LBS can be secured
  • Durable rubber surface to drag without wear and tear
  • Adjustable straps to tighten or loosen the size 
  • Six loops for the drag bag and duffle bag set up 
  • 12 sand filler straps to hold the sand fillers in place
  • YKK water repellent zippers
  • 1000D water repellent Cordura
2 x 25LBS Large Sand Fillers
2 x 15LBS Small Sand Fillers
  • Foam handle to use as dumbbells / kettlebells 
  • Military grade Velcro 
  • Double folding to reassure all sand remains inside
Sand is not included

2XSR is the only company that provides versatile, durable and plastic free fitness products, built for you and built to last. 

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How much can the Sand Training Bag hold?

Up to 150LBS to be slammed, thrown and dragged. Our durability testing and inspection held it at 150LBS. Some customers do not purchase the combos but solely the Sand Training Bag and insert a bag of sand from a local hardware store. It is all preference.

What are the straps inside for?

To hold the sand fillers in place. For example, if you would like to focus on compound workouts or using the Sand Training Bag as a sled, it is recommended to attach all three straps to each sand filler to prevent movement. If you would like to work on stability workouts, you have the option to allow the sand fillers to move freely.

What are the 3 loops on each side for?

For two purposes. 1. Connecting strap: Attach all three hooks onto the three loops on either side of the Sand Training Bag to be used as a sled which prevents swivel and raising. 2. Shoulder strap: Hook the two hooks onto the top two loops on each side to be used as a duffle bag.

What are the side loops for?

For lateral movements with or without the Sand Training Bag. Please visit for your full workout guidelines.

Is the shoulder strap included?

No. That will be an addition.

Can I use water or any liquids to fill it up?

No. Please only use sand.


Other brands charge more than double the price with limited functions. 2XSR designed functional, versatile, durable equipment designed with the top-quality military grade fabric, plastic free built for you and built to last!


If you’re really looking to shake-up your home workout sessions and off-set any boredom from repetitive routines, it may well be time to turn your attention to the sandbags and fat-burning sand bag exercises. 

Tossing, gripping, swinging and hurling a sandbag could well be the most primitive way of staying fit and, as more of us get used to home workouts and garden sessions, it's the perfect time to scale back your complicated multi-equipment gym workout and head to the bagging area. 

Think about it. While most guys won't have a barbell, lifting platform or a squat rack at home, it creates the perfect opportunity to introduce some new kit to your fitness regimen, especially when you're looking to retain strength for compound moves while building smaller stabiliser muscles. - Men's health


Stability training refers to performing exercises while on an unstable surface with the goal of activating stabilizers and trunk muscles that may get negelcted with other forms of training. Whether you’re doing stability ball training or unilateral exercises like the ones in this workout,  core strengthening is a surefire to prevent future back pain. Unilateral training, lifting weight on only one side at a time, prepares you for movements in daily living and sports that bilateral movements (using both limbs at the same time) may not cover. Keep your core tight during this full body stability workout designed by Mike Strevel, Training Manager at DavidBartonGym, to build strength, prevent injury, and improve balance, coordination and performance. - Men's journal 


Instability training is popular in many fitness circles, including CrossFitHIIT, and yoga. As the name implies, it involves introducing instability to your exercise, usually with external implements. For example, you could utilize an unstable surface like a Swiss ball or Bosu ball, or you could find your instability elsewhere via equipment like suspension trainers.

According to research published in the Sports Health journal, instability training is utilized for performance enhancement, rehabilitation, and overall musculoskeletal health. The idea is to strengthen the core and trunk muscles and, in certain cases, it can also be used for sport-specific training to prepare athletes who compete on unstable surfaces like sand. Instability exercises may be bodyweight in nature—like standing on a wobble board to improve your balance—or can involve resistance. In both cases, you can look forward to increased core activation, which strengthens your abs, obliques, and lower back. 

But what does the science say? One study found that exercises performed under unstable conditions increased trunk muscle activation by an average of 47.3 percent. A stronger core will help you in the long term during exercises like the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

That said, you shouldn’t pair instability training with strength training. For these movements, an unstable base will rob the legs and chest of their full potential, thereby proving detrimental to strength gains. And, if you’re not careful, that unstable base can lead to injury—from literally falling off a tottering platform to tweaking a muscle while trying to balance. - Muscle and Fitness


Whether you’re looking to expedite fat loss, develop total-body strength or build maximum muscle mass, the best dumbbell exercises tick every box – and often level up your cardio fitness at the same time. Dumbbells may be a rudimentary bit of kit, but at MH, we’ve got a lot of time for them. 

A set of ’bells offers more variety than the equivalent weight in barbell form, and with no weight plates to fiddle with, you can get stuck in straight away. Plus, unlike their gym machine-based equivalents, the best dumbbell exercises recruit stabilising muscles and test your balance and control.

Not only are dumbbells the most readily-available and easily-scalable weights on the gym floor, but they allow for unilateral training by design – so you can level out any pesky muscle imbalances as they arise. Evenly-distributed gains keep injury at bay later down the line, so it pays to be symmetrical for your health as well as your t-shirt size.

Here, PT Ollie Frost and Men's Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel recommend the best dumbbell exercises to add to your arsenal. You’ll discover why each exercise is worth its salt, find out which specific muscles the move targets, and learn how to execute it with faultless form. - Men's Health


It mightn't look like much, but take it from us: the kettlebell is your ticket to faster fitness. Packing the same weighty punch as dumbbells, and well-suited to the heart rate-spiking benefits of HIIT, these cannonball-shaped weights develop power, endurance, muscle and strength simultaneously for heavyweight results.

Even today, the kettlebell is underused and undervalued by most of the gym-going community, but don't let that fool you. As MH hero Arnold Schwarzenegger says, 'The muscle doesn't see what you're holding in your hands'. And since they're compact, adaptable and versatile, the kettlebell is an ideal bit of kit for the home workout warrior. 

Ready to add this tool to your armoury? We run through the benefits of training with a kettlebell, reveal the most effective kettlebell exercises and workouts to burn fat, build muscle and increase fitness, and share our cast-iron recommendations for the best kettlebells on the market. Let's get to work.

The growing popularity of sports such as CrossFit and Strongman have helped drive kettlebell training and workouts into the mainstream, but the idea is nothing new. In the 19th century, circus strongmen used kettlebell weights — originally meant for weighing crops — to alter their physique, which gradually led to a rise in kettlebell training. - Men's health