Manual Guide

Training System 2.0 / Drag Bag Set Up

  • The Training System 2.0 is a combination of the Slam Bag Combo and Training Vest. Please watch the below videos to for a complete set up for each product prior to setting up the Training System 2.0 

Slam Bag Combo Set Up

  • When opening for the first time, unzip the adjustable straps and flip underneath the zipper as shown.
  • Attach the bottom straps to decrease the length 
  • Attach the three interior straps onto each sand filler to prevent shifting 

Training Vest Set Up

  • The Training Vest is shipped disassembled. Please watch the video for full instructions. A manual guide is provided with each Training Vest 

Sand Filler Set Up

  • Play sand from your local hardware store is recommended 
  • Fill up the large sand filler for 25LBS and the small sand filler for 15LBS
  • Completely seal the top of the sand filler with no openings (do not fill up the sand past the Velcro)