Backpack vs Rucksack

2XSR Sandbag V2 redefined the "backpack" and "rucksack."

Some people may get confused between the two.

What are the differences? Here are some of the differences between backpacks and rucksacks:


  • Purposeful: A backpack is designed to carry heavy loads and has a sturdy structure to support the wearer. A rucksack, on the other hand, is designed to carry lighter loads and has a less structured construction, making it less suitable for carrying heavy loads. The sandbag v2 comprises of military grade fabric to carry heavy loads, a foldable surface for dragging (patented feature), compartments for weights and laptops.


  • Size: Compared to a backpack, a rucksack has a larger capacity and can carry a greater number of goods. The outer adjustable straps allows you to either tighten or loosen the sandbag v2, depending on the amount of weight inside. Additionally the sandbag v2 is a carry on size.  


  •  Carrying Method: Backpacks often have more straps and straps than rucksacks, such as chest straps and hip straps, to distribute the weight and make the wearer more comfortable. Backpacks often have only shoulder straps and offer less support, making them less suitable for long walks or trips where you have to carry a lot of weight. Therefore we designed the sandbag v2 with two built in shoulder straps and waist straps. Additionally, a hydration compartment is designed for long rucking and hikes. 


  • In summary, the standard backpack and rucksack share some similarities, such as being carried on the back with two shoulder straps, they differ in their structure, additional pockets and belts, military origins, size, and carrying method, so we designed an all in one sandbag v2. 

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