Functional Fitness

True athletes have incredibly strong bodies that can cope with tasks under strenuous conditions and complete those tasks accurately and efficiently.

Their bodies function this well because they train to perform at a high level, using different movements with different training equipment. Their specialized workouts develop their functional fitness.

You can also benefit from a functional fitness routine with or without workout equipment. 

Let's take a closer look at functional training. 


“Functional training is a type of exercise that looks like the movements you make in your daily life. It can be helpful for athletic performance, injury prevention, and other everyday fitness tasks”.  Jumpstart WebMD

Functional fitness training is a great way to have a complete workout and incorporates the use of many muscle groups in your body.

Functional fitness training emphasizes stability, mobility, core strength, and muscle strength by mirroring everyday movements like pulling, pushing, squatting, bending, etc. 

These workouts improve our natural functional abilities.


The wonderful thing about functional fitness workouts is that everyone can benefit from it, regardless of their ability or age. 

This type of workout offers benefits with real results:

  • Agility- Functional fitness training movements often require repetition and coordination. This helps improve your everyday agility and mobility and gives you a competitive edge.
  • Physique- A functional fitness workout can help you become leaner or grow muscle. Utilizing multiple muscle groups during movements can give you the athletic look you are working towards. The equipment you choose or opt not to use will help towards your goal.
  • Cardio Ability- Functional training builds your stamina for cardio activities and gives you more energy.
  • Lean Muscles- Functional training develops and helps maintain your muscle mass. This is true for all ages and stages.
  • Calorie Burn- Functional training workouts burn calories.


 When engaging in functional fitness training, you are training with purpose. You will need the best functional training equipment to get you started on your way to an incredible workout.

Whether you are strength / speed training, you will want the best equipment to assist your functional development.

Some pieces that 2XSR recommends are:

  • 2XSR Sand Filler Bags are one - part Sandbag Filler Bag Kettlebell, one part sandbag, dumbbells and all parts awesome! This solid design is perfect for your functional swinging and lifting movements as well as adding some extra weight to leg day! This is a sand-filled, adjustable, soft stone/atlas stone strongman ball. Perfect for your functional training lifts, squats, throws, and more. 
  • 2XSR Sandbag Drag Bag has over 300 moves for your training due to the four pairs of soft handles, nothing beats sandbag training for functionality combined with strength.

 Functionally Fit

Functional fitness can truly improve your overall health and your daily life.

Functional strength training is relatively simple, and it is safe for almost anyone. Strengthening your muscles will help you with all of your everyday activities. 

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