Sand Filler Set-Up

  • Fill up the large sand filler for 20LBS and the small sand filler for 10LBS
  • Completely seal the top of the sand filler with no openings (do not fill up the sand past the Velcro)
  • Double fold each sand filler 
  • Play sand from your local hardware store is recommended 

One Time Set-Up for the Bottom Sand Bag Adjustable Straps 

  • When opening for the first time, unzip the adjustable straps and flip underneath the zipper as shown.
  • Attach the bottom straps to decrease the length 

Sand Training Bag Set-Up

  • Strap each sand filler inside to prevent shifting 
  • Release the straps to allow the sand fillers to move freely during stability exercises

Transition Sand Training Bag to Sled

  • Put on the upper body harness / Training Vest
  • Adjust the working strap and buckle to your appropriate body size
  • Attach the 3 hooks on the connecting strap to the 3 D – rings on the Sand Training Bag
  • Attach one hook on to one of the three D – rings on the harness / Training Vest


Ready to Sweat?

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